Dependency Injection for Node.js. Heavily inspired by AngularJS.

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Dependency Injection v2

This readme describes how to set up your working space in order to run the tests and hack on it. See How can I use it on how to use this DI framework in your project.


# Clone this repo (or your fork).
git clone https://github.com/angular/di.js.git

# Install all the the dev dependencies, such as Karma, Gulp, etc.
npm install

# If you wanna use "karma" or "gulp" commands, install also:
npm install -g karma-cli
npm install -g gulp

Running the tests

This will start Karma and Chrome (with --harmony enabled). Karma will watch the source code and run the tests anytime you save a change.
karma start

Transpiling ES6

All the source code is written in the upcoming version of JavaScript - ES6. In order to use it in the current browsers you need to transpile the code into ES5 using Traceur.
# Transpile ES6 into ./compiled/*
gulp build

# Watch all the sources and transpile on any change
gulp watch


gulp build_examples
gulp serve

More stuff

I talked about this DI framework at the ng-conf, here are some more links...
- video - slides (annotated version)
Also, here is the original design doc, which is quickly becoming out-dated ;-)