Dialogflow Fulfillment Library for Node.js

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Dialogflow Fulfillment Library
The Dialogflow Fulfillment Library allows you to connect natural language understanding and processing to your own systems, APIs, and databases. Using Fulfillment, you can surface commands and information from your services to your users through a natural conversational interface.
Dialogflow Fulfillment makes creating fulfillment for Dialogflow v1 and v2 agents for 8 chat and voice platforms on Node.js easy and simple.
fulfillment library works with 8 platforms

Supported features

  • Text
  • Cards
  • Images
  • Suggestion Chips (Quick Replies)
  • Payloads (Platform-specific responses)

This library is intended to help build Node.js Dialogflow Fulfillment for multiple integrations including Google Assistant, Slack, Facebook, Telegram, Kik, Skype, Line, and Viber. See the reference documentation for more: https://dialogflow.com/docs/reference/fulfillment-library/webhook-client
If only building Dialogflow Fulfillment for the Google Assistant and no other integrations, use the Actions of Google NPM module (actions-on-google) which supports all Actions on Google features.

Quick Start

  1. Sign-up/Log-in to Dialogflow
  2. Create a Dialogflow agent
  3. Go to Fulfillment > Enable Dialogflow Inline Editor A. package.json tab to add "dialogflow-fulfillment": "^0.5.0" to the dependencies object.
  4. Select Deploy.
A. Powered by Cloud Functions for Firebase

Setup Instructions

// Import the appropriate class
const { WebhookClient } = require('dialogflow-fulfillment');

 //Create an instance
const agent = new WebhookClient({request: request, response: response});


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References & Issues


No verification for platforms-specific incompatible response combinations (i.e. multiple cards are not supported in a single Actions on Google response).

How To Make Contributions

Please read and follow the steps in the CONTRIBUTING.md.




Your use of this sample is subject to, and by using or downloading the sample files you agree to comply with, the Google APIs Terms of Service.