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Unified diff parser for nodejs
This is straight from parse-diff. I just compiled the coffeescript to javascript because coffeescript complicates things if you just want to use the module. I also strip the first character for each line because I'm using this for git diffs. It was keeping the '+', '-', and ' ' before the text on each line.

JavaScript Usage Example

```javascript var parse = require('diff-parse'); var diff = ''; // input diff string var files = parse(diff); console.log(files.length); // number of patched files files.forEach(function(file) {
console.log(file.lines.length); // number of hunk/added/deleted lines
// each line in file.lines is a string
console.log(file.deletions); // number of deletions in the patch
console.log(file.additions); // number of additions in the patch
}); ```