Single-sign-on helper package for Discourse

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Single-sign-on for Discourse via Node.js
Node.js CI
Also available for PHP here.
This is a small class to help with providing an SSO source for Discourse forums. It provides three helper functions for validating incoming requests, extracting the nonce, and building the returning queryString.
For more information on the SSO settings in Discourse, visit

How to use the package

Simply install via npm, require the package and create a new object, providing the SSO secret defined in Discourse
var discourse_sso = require('discourse-sso');
var sso = new discourse_sso("-your-sso_secret-goes-here-");

To validate incoming logins, you can do:
var payload = ... // fetch from incoming request
var sig = ... // fetch from incoming request
if(sso.validate(payload, sig)) {

To extract the nonce (the little piece of data that identifies the login), use:
var nonce = sso.getNonce(payload);

Then, to produce the query string that is to be sent back to Discourse, do:
var userparams = {
	// Required, will throw exception otherwise
	"nonce": nonce,
	"external_id": "some user id here",
	"email": "some user email",
	// Optional
	"username": "some username",
	"name": "some real name"
var q = sso.buildLoginString(userparams);

Lastly, to complete the login process, redirect back to Discourse with the query string. For example:
res.redirect('http://discourse.example.com/session/sso_login?' + q);