Parses a Dockerfile and returns an array of commands.

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Docker file parser
Parses a dockerfile contents string and returns the array of commands, keeping the original file order.
var parser = require('docker-file-parser');
var options = { includeComments: false };
var contents = 'FROM ubuntu:latest\n'
            + 'ADD . /root\n'
            + 'RUN echo done\n';

var commands = parser.parse(contents, options);

commands.every(function (cmd) { console.log(cmd); });


includeComments Whether to include comment commands in the returned array.
A comment will have the command name as 'COMMENT'.

Command entries

Each returned command entry is an object with these properties:
name The capitalized name of the command, e.g. 'FROM'. args Arguments for the command (can be array, string or map). lineno Line number from the contents string. error Only if there was an error parsing command.
    name: 'ADD',
    args: [ '.', '/srv/app' ],
    lineno: 5
There are other docker file parse modules for JavaScript, like dockerfile-parse and dockerfile-parser, this module differs in the follow aspects:
  • keeps the ordering of the commands (as they occur in the dockerfile)
  • written from a translation of the docker parser.go
  • properly handles character escaping and quoting, e.g. ENV myName="John Doe" myDog=Rex\ The\ Dog
  • handles multi-line commands (i.e. have a line continuance '\' at the end)
  • can optionally include the comments