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Dockerode Utils
travis-badge Set of useful functions for working with dockerode.


- [pullImageAsync](#pullimageasyncdockerode-imagename-onprogress) pull docker image and wait to finish download. You can track progress.
- [execCommand](#execcommandcontainer-cmd) execute shell command inside a running container, returns output.
- [waitForOutput](#waitforoutputcontainer-predicate-timeout--15000) wait for specific string to appear in running container's `stdout`.
- [imageExists](#imageexistsdockerode-imagenames) check if image with imageName already exists.


npm ```bash npm install dockerode-utils --save ``` yarn ```bash yarn add dockerode-utils ```


pullImageAsync(dockerode, imageName, onProgress?)

```typescript pullImageAsync(dockerode: Dockerode, imageName: string, onProgress?: (output: string) => void): void ``` Will pull docker image, you can wait for finish or track a progress. If you forget to specify :tag, it'll download :latest ```javascript / Example how to pull alpine:latest image from dockerhub / import as Dockerode from 'dockerode'; import { pullImageAsync } from 'dockerode-utils'; const dockerode = new Dockerode(); await pullImageAsync(dockerode, 'alpine:latest'); ```

execCommand(container, cmd)

```typescript execCommand(container: Dockerode.Container, cmd: string
): string ``` Execute shell command in container and returns output as string[]. ```javascript / Print list of env from docker container / import as Dockerode from 'dockerode'; import { execCommand } from 'dockerode-utils'; // first, we need to create a container const dockerode = new Dockerode(); const alpineContainer = await'alpine', , {}, null); const envList = execCommand(alpineContainer, 'env'); console.log(envList); // command with argument const envList2 = execCommand(alpineContainer, 'env', '--help'); console.log(envList2); ```

waitForOutput(container, predicate, timeout = 15000)

```typescript waitForOutput(container: Dockerode.Container, predicate: (output: string) => boolean, timeout: number = 15000) ``` Wait for specific output from container. Useful, when you're working with container, in which is running daemon and you have to wait for specific output/line to appears in container. ```javascript / Example with waiting for specific output. Here, we're waiting for 'InnoDB: 5.7.18 started' to appears in mysql container only after that, we know that mysql container is fully initialized and we can continue executing commands / import as Dockerode from 'dockerode'; import { waitForOutput } from 'dockerode-utils'; const dockerode = new Dockerode(); const mysqlContainer = await'mysql:5.7.18', , {}, null); await waitForOutput(mysqlContainer, (line) => line === 'InnoDB: 5.7.18 started'); console.log('MySql db started'); ```

imageExists(dockerode, ...imageNames)

```typescript imageExists(dockerode: Dockerode, ...imageNames: string | string): boolean ``` Check if images with imageNames exist. You can check more than one image at once, like imageExists(dockerode, ['mongo', 'mysql']) or only one imageExists(dockerode, 'mongo'). In case, you won't define :tag it'll check if any image with imageName prefix exists.


Feel free to contribute with useful function that you're using daily and it can be helpful for others.