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A swisspush project

Documentation for your JSON types.
Give Docson a JSON schema and it will generate a beautiful documentation.


  • JSON schema v4 keywords.
  • Runs entirely in the browser.
  • Render schema descriptions with markdown


  • Place the Docson distribution on the web server serving the schemas (to avoid cross-origin issues).


Via cli tool

$ docson -d ./schemas/
server ready and running at localhost:3000

# and then...
firefox http://localhost:3000/schemas/ship.json

As a webpage widget

To include a Docson schema documentations on any page (wiki, ...) without worrying about messing up with javascript libraries and cross-origin issues:
  • Install Docson somewhere as described above.
  • Place the following script tags in the including page, nothing else is needed:
<script src="http://somewhere/path-to-docson/public/js/widget.js" data-schema="/path-to/schema.json">

Add to a webpage

Note that you can refer to a sub-schema by adding a json-pointer path as 'dollar-parameter': index.html#/docson/examples/example.json$items


You can directly reference your JSON types defined as TypeScript interfaces. If the path ends with .ts, Docson will use Typson to convert the Type Scripts to schema in order to generate the documentation.
For example, index.html#/typson/example/invoice/line.ts$InvoiceLine is the documentation of line.ts.
You need to install Typson by yourself on your server. It must be in a directory named typson located at the same level as the docson directory.


You can adapt Swagger UI to display Docson-generated model documentation instead of the builtin signatures.
See how it looks like in the Swagger Docson example
In Swagger UI's index.html, include the Swagger integration script after other script tags:
<script src='/path-to-docson/docson-swagger.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

Also, you will need a patched version of Swagger Client so that the raw json-schema model is visible from Docson. Either replace the swagger.js file in your Swagger UI disctribution or take it directly from github by replacing
<script src='/lib/swagger.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>

For a better layout of parameter models, you may want to change the width of some elements:
    .swagger-ui-wrap {
        max-width: 1200px;
    .swagger-ui-wrap .body-textarea {
        width: 200px;


You can also integrate Docson in your application and use its javascript API:
docson.doc(element, schema, ref)

  • element is the element which will host the documentation. Either a DOM element (id or object) or jQuery element.
  • schema is the URI or path to the schema or a string containing the schema source itself.
  • ref is an optional json-pointer path to a sub-schema.



  • Mixing unrelated keywords can lead to unexpected results.

Not implemented:
  • Non-primitive values in enums and default values
  • dependencies, additionalItems, patternProperties


Please pull-request your failing schemas in the tests/ folder and open an issue describing the expected result.
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