Create your document site with just one command.

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Document is another documentation generator with which everything will be done by only ONE command.
It is written in node.js, and you could easily install document with NPM.

Life gets easier

To create your document site, just:
cd /path/to/your/repo

Oh YEAH! That's it! We made it!


  • Could not be easier ! Just ONE command!
  • Build with node.js, yeah !
  • CommonJS package/1.0 spec friendly.
  • Designed to minimize arguments and configurations as much as possible.
  • Support documents of multiple languages.
  • Supports GitHub Flavored Markdown.
  • Support subdirectories.
  • Lovely and SEO friendly URLs.
  • Application cache so that to afford heavy traffic.
  • Custom themes and dev guide with grunt-init task. (what's comming...)
  • document middleware for express.js. (what's comming...)


Easily install from NPM:
npm install document -g


Visit the document site for details.

Why a node.js version of

The first time when I met Wow.
Setting up nginx conf and trying to install under a sub path: Oh no!
Spelunking into the source code: \_(:3」∠)\_
That's it.


document@0.x.x uses the theme of, thanks a million.


What's comming!

Vision 1.x.x

Actually, all those features below has been designed and implemented at the very beginning, but they were not fully tested yet.
I will release them immediately when the test cases are ok.

  • You will be able to require('document') as an express middleware. (actually it already is)
  • Custom themes support.
  • Plugins.
  • Programmatical APIs.
  • Watcher support so that you can uodate your documents without restarting your server.