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NodeJS - Domo API SDK


  • The Domo API SDK is the simplest way to automate your Domo instance
  • The SDK streamlines the API programming experience, allowing you to significantly reduce your written code


  • DataSet and Personalized Data Policy (PDP) Management
- Use DataSets for fairly static data sources that only require occasional updates via data replacement
- Add Personalized Data Policies (PDPs) to DataSets (hide sensitive data from groups of users)
- Docs:
  • Stream Management
- A Domo Stream is a specialized upload pipeline pointing to a single Domo DataSet
- Use Streams for massive, constantly changing, or rapidly growing data sources
- Streams support accelerated uploading via parallel data uploads
- Docs:
  • User Management
- Create, update, and remove users
- Major use case: LDAP/Active Directory synchronization
- Docs:
  • Group Management
- Create, update, and remove groups of users
- Docs:


  • Install NodeJS/npm:
* Linux: `apt-get install nodejs`
* MacOS: `brew install nodejs`
* Windows: direct download, or use Bash on Windows 10
  • Install module

    $ npm install --save domo-sdk



  • For basic usage see /examples
  • For full TypeScript usage refer to /test.
  • Create an API Client on the Domo Developer Portal
  • Use your API Client id/secret to instantiate an SDK instance
  • Multiple API Clients can be used by instantiating multiple SDK clients
  • Authentication with the Domo API is handled automatically by the SDK
  • If you encounter a 'Not Allowed' error, this is a permissions issue. Please speak with your Domo Administrator.