A library for parsing IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses in node and the browser.

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ip-address is a library for validating and manipulating IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in JavaScript.

Upgrading to 5.0

  • v4.Address and v6.Address have been renamed Address4 and Address6
  • Address4#toV6Group has been renamed Address4#toGroup6
  • Address6#get6to4 has been renamed Address6#to6to4
  • Address6#six2four has been renamed Address6#inspect6to4
  • Address6#teredo has been renamed Address6#inspectTeredo
  • Address6#tov4 has been renamed Address6#to4
  • Address6#v4inv6 has been renamed Address6#to4in6

Deprecation warnings are in place for all of these methods.


Documentation is available at


var Address6 = require('ip-address').Address6;

var address = new Address6('2001:0:ce49:7601:e866:efff:62c3:fffe');

address.isValid(); // true

var teredo = address.inspectTeredo();

teredo.client4;    // ''


  • Parsing of all IPv6 notations
  • Parsing of IPv6 addresses and ports from URLs with Address6.fromURL(url)
  • Validity checking
  • Decoding of the Teredo
information in an address
  • Whether one address is a valid subnet of another
  • What special properties a given address has (multicast prefix, unique
local address prefix, etc.)
  • Number of subnets of a certain size in a given address
  • Display methods
- Hex, binary, and decimal - Canonical form - Correct form - IPv4-compatible (i.e. ::ffff:
  • Works in node and the browser (with browserify)
  • ~1,600 test cases

Used by

@congressedits, among many others Contrail, a network virtualization solution made by Juniper Networks software quickly geolocating IP addresses automation bus hosted on Heroku implementation based on IPFS server written in JavaScript reading MaxMind database files protocol encoder/decoder built by Ably database API University of Portsmouth extension for switching between multiple proxies with ~311k users!
  • swiz: a serialization framework built
and used by Rackspace