Helps to perform unit and integration testing on documents and elements

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Describe DOM Tests with ease: less code, less words.

  • MaskJS syntax
  • jQuery API
  • Works in browser and Node.js
  • Supports different drivers (runners):
- jQuery or similar
- [Cheerio]( (_jQuery-alike `html` library_)
- [Selenium-Query]( (_jQuery-alike `webdriver` library_)
  • Fully async

Test Suites

All statements are of the 4 types: traversers, events, actions and assertions.


A traverser component creates elements scope (context) for nested components. The context is the jQuery-alike instance.
:star: Components also perform assertions after query to ensure the elements are found
  • find (selector)
> :exclamation: If no elements are found, the `filter` method is then called.
  • filter (selector)
  • children (selector)
  • parent (selector)
  • closest (selector)
```mask find ('.foo') {
// do assertions in this elements scope
// e.g: check that that 2 elements are in the context
eq length 2;
} ``` :tada: When selector has no whitespace '' are optional ```mask find (section) {
// ...
} ```


An event component triggers native or custom events on current scope trigger eventName (...args); :star: Known event names don't need trigger keyword.
blur, focus, resize, scroll, click, dblclick, mousedown, mouseup, mousemove, mouseover, mouseout, mouseenter, mouseleave, change, submit, keydown, keypress, keyup.
:tada: When statement has no arguments () are optional. ```mask find (button) {
} ```
:exclamation: Cheerio driver supports no events, as it tests only html AST in Node.js environment


An action component performs some action, calls javascript functions, mutates the dom, or runs a group of actions.


  • type (text)
Text can contain meta key definitions in `{}`, e.g.:
find ('') {
type ('Hello friends!{enter}');
  • press (keyCombination)
Key combination (hotkey): `ctrl+f`, `alt+c+b`, `a+d` e.g.
find ('') {
press ('alt+f');


A function component simply call the jQuery function. call functionName (...args)


select component selects a text range or an option, depends on a current context ```mask find ('') {
// selects everything
// selects range
select (0, 5);
// finds text and selects it
select ('foo');
} find ('') {
// select an option by `value`, or `name` or `textContent`
select ('London');
} ```


An assertion component reads current contexts property or calls a function to compare the value with expected value.
:eyeglasses: Assertion components with aliases: equal ~ eq, notEqual ~ notEq, lessThan ~ lt, lessThanOrEqaul ~ lte, greaterThan ~ gt, greaterThanOrEqual ~ gte, deepEqual ~ deepEq, notDeepEqual ~ notDeepEq, has, hasNot
  • eq propertyName (expectedValue)
  • eq functionName (...args, expectedValue)
:tada: As the accent in this library is made for assertions, so when no event, action, traverser, etc is found, then we assume it is the eqaul component, so you can skip the equal keyword. ```mask find ('button') {
// should find one element
eq length (1);
// same
eq length 1;
// same
length 1;
} find ('.baz') {
eq attr (name, 'Baz');
// same
eq attr name Baz;
// same
attr name Baz;
// check class name
eq hasClass ('baz', true);
// same
hasClass ('baz', true);
// same
hasClass baz;
} ```
Assume this DOM ```html
``` Test suite sample: ```mask // finds all .foo elements and sets them for assertion scope find ('.foo') {
// check text property
text Foo;
hasClass baz;
// perform action
// check visibility
css display none;
// or
is hidden;
// check bg color
css ('background-color', 'red');
} find ('input') {
val A;
press backspace;
type Baz;
val Baz;
} ```


```bash $ bower install domtest
$ npm install domtest ```


  • DomTest()
DomTest(Element: Node, MaskTestSuite | Array<MaskTestSuite>): Runner
Create default `DomLibRunner` and immediately start the test.
  • DomTest.use(driver:string, settings:object): Runner
Create the Test Runner. Available runners:
- `'domlib'`
- `'jmask'`
- `'cheerio'`
- `'selenium'`
> :exclamation: Note, that `cheerio` and `selenium` can be evaluated in Node.JS only, and `domlib` in browser only, `jmask` can be used in browser and Node.js


Runner implements IEventEmitter, IPromise
  • Runner::process(root:any, suite: MaskTestSuite | Array<MaskTestSuite>)
- `root` is the root object, which runner uses for test. Refer to the particular Runner to find out the required root-type.
- `suite(s)` is/are the tests to be run for the root object
- `.on(event, handler)`
| Event | Data | Description |
|--------|-----------| ------------|
| `fail`  | `error: AssertionError` | Failed assertion |
| `success`| - | Successful assertion |
| `progress` | `runner:Runner, node: MaskNode, error:AssertionError` | On each step. `error` is null, when assertion is ok |
| `complete` | `errors:Array<AssertionError>` | Runner has finished all tests |
- `.off(event, handler)`


  • string|MaskAST: Mask template with the components. See the Test Suite for supported components
  • function: Custom function


Uses jQuery-like dom library to test HtmlElements in browser. (@default) ```javascript DomTest(document.body, `
find ('button') {
text ('Foo');
`); ```
Uses jMask library to test MaskAST in browser or Node.js ```javascript var template = 'section > input placeholder="Foo";' DomTest
.process(template, `
find('input') {
attr placeholder Foo;
Uses cheerio module to test HTML in Node.js.
:exclamation: No actions are available here, as no listeners can be attached to plain HTML.
```javascript var template = '
'; DomTest
.process(template, `
find('input') {
attr placeholder Foo;
.process('', `
find('input') {
Uses selenium-webdriver module to test the Web Pages ```javascript DomTest
.use('selenium', Options)
.process('', `
find('input[name=q]') {
type XmlHttpRequest;
trigger submit;
await ('.result-list') {
prop tag ul;
children {
notEq length 0;
eq (1) {
has text XmlHttpRequest;
``` Options default ```javascript {
name: 'Chrome',
args: ['no-sandbox'],
binaryPath: null,
} ``` For more information, please refer to sources: config.es6
:exclamation: you can override functions to set any webdriver option you need.
---- :copyright: MIT The AtmaJS Project