Download your Google Spreadsheets with Node.js.

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download-google-spreadsheet 0.1.1
Download your Google Spreadsheets with Node.js.


Get the API key:
    1. Visit Google Developers Console1.1 and create a project
  • Go to Overview then get into Drive API and Enable
  • Then API Manager / Credentials / Create credentials / OAuth client ID
  • Set Application type to Web application
  • Set Authorized redirect URIs to http://localhost:3477/ or your own value
  • Continue to Create and save your new credential

Then export to environment variables: DGSS_CLIENT_ID, DGSS_CLIENT_SECRET and DGSS_REDIRECT_URL. Or save them into .env under the working directory if you want, then:
$(npm bin)/download-google-spreadsheet '[{"fileId":"11KmsfhX7M0q3dwLSYiUAIIbov8qHvvhLcxqJzv9o1Pw","gid":"0"}]'

If no cached token .dgsstoken can be found under current directory, you will be prompted to a Google OAuth page for you to authorize your API key to access the spreadsheets. The token will then be cached and you will not be prompted again until the expiration.
After that, the test spreadsheet1.2 will be downloaded into current working directory as 0.csv. The CSV file will be named as gid by default if there is no dest attribute defined for that sheet.
You can find the fileId and gid attributes from the link to your spreadsheet:


var downloadGoogleSpreadsheet = require('download-google-spreadsheet');

var sheets = [{
  dest: './somedir/test.csv',
  fileId: '11KmsfhX7M0q3dwLSYiUAIIbov8qHvvhLcxqJzv9o1Pw',
  gid: '0',

var opts = {
  id: '',
  redirect: 'http://localhost:3477/',
  secret: 'OeBRLzWNkwMOdjDe5HyHqIiZ',

downloadGoogleSpreadsheet(sheets, opts, function (err) {
  if (err) throw err;


  • id Google OAuth client ID
  • redirect Must be one of the Authorized redirect URIs in credential settings
  • secret Google OAuth client secret


npm run dev, code ./src/**/*.js, then ./bin/download-google-spreadsheet.js to try.


| Date | Version | Description | |------------|---------|-----------------| | 2016-03-28 | 0.1.1 | Fix callback | | 2016-03-27 | 0.1.0 | Initial release |


  • Support stdin and pipe
  • Support CLI-only environment
  • Show feedbacks to screen
  • Expose more options
  • Update build script to produce readable scripts
  • Update readme
  • Cache multiple tokens for multiple spreadsheets
  • Code linting
  • Test