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This repository contains components for Django Plotly Dash. This is a Plotly Dash plugin.
The source for this project can be seen here:
To install the package
pip install dpd-components

Development environment setup

Development requires python 3 and node.js to build the python and javascript parts.
To set up a development environment:
virtualenv env -p python3.6
source env/bin/activate
pip install dev_requirements.txt
npm install builder-init
export PATH=$PATH:$PWD/node_modules/.bin
builder-init dash-components-archetype
If needed, relocate the component into root directory.


Once the environment has been prepared, the following two commands are needed to initialise a terminal or other session:
source env/bin/activate
export PATH=$PATH:$PWD/node_modules/.bin

Also, in the virtualenv of the python project using `DjangoDash` (or similar), this project can be added in development form
cd ... this repo root directory ...
python setyp.py develop

Build commands

To test the component:
python usage.py

To run the README compiler:

To perform a local rebuild:
npm prepublish
python setup.py install

To run just the javascript for debugging:
builder run demo


To prepare a release, the version number in both `dpd_components/version.py and package.json` has to be updated.
Releases require both javascript and python components to be generated and uploaded, as described in the plotly online documentation.