DraftJS: Import Element to ContentState

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DraftJS: Import Element to ContentState
This is a module for DraftJS that will convert an HTML DOM Element to editor content.
It was extracted from React-RTE and placed into a separate module for more general use. Hopefully it can be helpful in your projects.


npm install --save draft-js-import-element
This project is still under development. If you want to help out, please open an issue to discuss or join us on Slack.


stateFromElement takes a DOM node element and returns a DraftJS ContentState.
import {stateFromElement} from 'draft-js-import-element';
const contentState = stateFromElement(element);


You can optionally pass a second Object argument to stateFromElement with the following supported properties:
  • customBlockFn: Function to specify block type/data based on HTML element. Example:
let options = {
  // Should return null/undefined or an object with optional: type (string); data (plain object)
  customBlockFn: (element) => {
    if (element.tagName === 'ARTICLE') {
      return {type: 'custom-block-type'};
    if (element.tagName === 'CENTER') {
      return {data: {align: 'center'}};
let contentState = stateFromElement(element, options);

  • customInlineFn: Function to specify how inline elements are handled. Example:

let options = {
  // Should return a Style() or Entity() or null/undefined
  customInlineFn: (element, {Style, Entity}) => {
    if (element.tagName === 'SPAN' && element.className === 'emphasis') {
      return Style('ITALIC');
    } else if (element.tagName === 'IMG') {
      return Entity('IMAGE', {src: element.getAttribute('src')});
let contentState = stateFromElement(element, options);

  • elementStyles: HTML element name as key, DraftJS style string as value. Example:
stateFromElement(element, {
  elementStyles: {
    // Support `<sup>` (superscript) inline element:
    'sup': 'SUPERSCRIPT',


This software is BSD Licensed.