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Draft.js List Depth plugin
This is a plugin for the draft-js-plugins-editor, a plugin system that sits on top of Draft.js.
When working with a list in DraftJS you can't decrease list depth level by pressing Return on an empty list item, but you would expect it to behave this way because it is a common pattern for rich text editors.
This plugin adds this missing piece of functionality. Moreover, it also adds a Tab/Shift + Tab press support to move list item to the next depth level. So you don't need to worry about this anymore!


npm i --save draft-js-list-depth-plugin

then import the plugin creator function
import createListDepthPlugin from 'draft-js-list-depth-plugin'
const listDepthPlugin = createListDepthPlugin()

Plugin object can then be passed into a draft-js-plugins-editor component:
import createListDepthPslugin from 'draft-js-list-depth-plugin'
import Editor from 'draft-js-plugins-editor'

const listDepthPlugin = createListDepthPlugin()
const plugins = [listDepthPlugin]

<Editor plugins={plugins} />

Optional configuration object

You can pass options object to the plugin as you call it:
const options = {
  maxDepth: 4

const listDepthPlugin = createListDepthPlugin(options)

| Option | Description | Default value | Required | |----------|----------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------|----------| | maxDepth | The limit of the depth level for nested lists (zero-based numbering) | 4 | false |