Compile a Git repo full of Handlebars templates

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Compile a Git repo full of Handlebars templates

Basic Usage

const {scaffold} = require('egad');

scaffold('<your>/<repo>', '/path/to/destination/dir', {
  some: 'data',
  forYour: 'templates'
}, {
  // default options
  overwrite: true,
  offline: false,
  remote: 'origin',
  branch: 'master'
  .then(filepaths => {
    console.log(`Wrote files: ${filepaths}`);

The entire repository at the given URL will be inspected for Handlebars templates, and those templates will be rendered at the corresponding path under your destination directory. Files not containing Handlebars templates will simply be copied.
If destination is omitted, it will default to the current working directory.


  • Repos are stored in the user's XDG cache dir, or whatever XDG cache dir is available, or a temp dir as a last resort.
  • If offline is false, the repo will be either cloned or updated (if a working copy already exists).
  • If offline is true and the repo does not already exist, then you get an rejected Promise.
  • Use environment variable DEBUG=egad to see debug output
  • Requires a git executable
  • Requires Node.js v6 or greater

Known Issues

  • Does not copy binary files
  • No "errback"-style interface
  • How about writing some tests?


© 2017 Christopher Hiller. Licensed Apache-2.0.