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Session plugin for egg, based on koa-session.


$ npm i egg-session --save


egg-session is a built-in plugin in egg and enabled by default.
// {app_root}/config/plugin.js
exports.session = true; // enable by default

External Store

egg-session support external store, you can store your sessions in redis, memcached or other databases.
For example, if you want to store session in redis, you must:
  1. Dependent egg-redis

```bash npm i --save egg-redis ```
  1. Import egg-redis as a plugin and set the configuration

```js // config/plugin.js exports.redis = {
enable: true,
package: 'egg-redis',
}; ```
```js // config/config.default.js exports.redis = {
// your redis configurations
}; ```
  1. Implement a session store with redis

```js // app.js
module.exports = app => {
// set redis session store
// session store must have 3 methods
// define sessionStore in `app.js` so you can access `app.redis`
app.sessionStore = {
  async get(key) {
    const res = await app.redis.get(key);
    if (!res) return null;
    return JSON.parse(res);

  async set(key, value, maxAge) {
    // maxAge not present means session cookies
    // we can't exactly know the maxAge and just set an appropriate value like one day
    if (!maxAge) maxAge = 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000;
    value = JSON.stringify(value);
    await app.redis.set(key, value, 'PX', maxAge);

  async destroy(key) {
    await app.redis.del(key);

// session store can be a session store class
// app.sessionStore = class Store {
//   constructor(app) {
// = app;
//   }
//   async get() {}
//   async set() {}
//   async destroy() {}
// };
}; ```
Once you use external session store, session is strong dependent on your external store, you can't access session if your external store is down. Use external session stores only if necessary, avoid use session as a cache, keep session lean and stored by cookie!


Support all configurations in koa-session.
  • logValue

Support not to print the session value when session event trigger log. Default to be true.

View the default configurations

Questions & Suggestions

Please open an issue here.