An SDK for Egnyte integrations

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Egnyte JavaScript SDK


This package contains:
- a JavaScript wrapper on Egnyte Public API with methods for working with File System, Links, Permissions and more - a file picker implementation working on top of the File System API



npm install egnyte-js-sdk


Include one JavaScript file.
dist/ contains two builds:
- dist/egnyte.js is the complete functionality (with UI) - dist/slim.js is only the API wrapper
File sizes
dist/egnyte.min.js minified: ~50 kB gzipped: ~11 kB
dist/slim.min.js minified: ~30 kB gzipped: ~6 kB

To use the SDK, just add the script to your app's HTML document.


See docs/ locally or explore documentation in markdown format:

Table of contents

If you support IE8 or IE9 see Legacy browsers support to enable the cross-origin forwarder.
The examples/ folder could also be helpful.

Browser support

Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari 5+, IE10+ and multiple mobile browsers.
All browsers that support Cross Origin Resource Sharing are supported. See: CORS support table
The SDK code overall supports IE8 and IE9, but due to certain limitations in their implementations of Cross Origin Resource Sharing requests to Egnyte Public API cannot be authorized.
This SDK includes tools to bring support to IE8 and IE9, see Legacy browsers support


Apache2 License