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EHR Craft Form
This is the definitions of the JS classes used within the EHR Craft Form renderer developed by DIPS AS. The purpose of this library is to be able to write form scripts using typed classes defined with Typescript. Warning: The library is in early beta and intended for internal use.


  • 1.5.0 - Added callback on ctx
  • 2.0.0 - Attribute names from upper camelcase to lower camelcase.
  • 2.1.0 - Fixed attribute name value to lower case for DvBoolean.
  • 2.3.x - Added support for terminology and system-configuration search

Adding API 2

  • 3.0.0-alpha1 - adding initial support for the new API; aka api2


The script engine only runs vanilla JS, thus we need to remove the references to this library when running insinde the form renderer. To generated vanilla JS from typescript we use the library and setup define by this Yeoman generator: The following typescript is a boilerplate to get started. ```typescript import { API, Container } from "ehrcraft-form-api/dist/api"; import { DvCodedText, DvDateTime, DvQuantity } from "ehrcraft-form-api"; function main(api: API) { console.log("Your main function was invoked"); const t = new DvCodedText();
t.Value = "Test";
} // THIS method is invoked from the generated script by generator-ehrcraft-script main(api); ``` The example below illustrates the complete main function with all context objects injected. To make this work the following must be injected in the generated/compiled javascript: ``main(api,ctx,terminology,config);`` ```typescript import { API, CTX, SystemConfiguration, TerminologyService } from "ehrcraft-form-api"; const fsystolic = ""; export function main(api: API, ctx: CTX, term: TerminologyService, conf: SystemConfiguration){ api.addListener(fsystolic, "OnChanged", (id, value, parent) => {
// do something when systolic is changed 
}); } ```