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Should you display a notification to your user? This module allows you to check.
This is a republished version of the electron-notification-state module from felixrieseberg.


Do Not Disturb / Quiet Hours

const { getDoNotDisturb } = require('electron-notification-state');

// On Windows, logs `true` if "quiet hours" are enabled
// On macOS, logs `true` if "do not disturb" is enabled

Session State

On Windows, you likely want to check SHQueryUserNotificationState
.aspx), checking whether or not a screensaver is running, if the screen is locked, or if a presentation is running. On macOS, you likely want to check if the screen is locked and if the if the user has an active screen session.
The call below logs a different string, depending on the platform:


  • SESSION_SCREEN_IS_LOCKED The screen is locked.
  • SESSION_ON_CONSOLE_KEY The user currently has console/graphical control.


  • QUNS_NOT_PRESENT A screen saver is displayed, the machine is locked, or a nonactive Fast User Switching session is in progress.
  • QUNS_BUSY A full-screen application is running or Presentation Settings are applied. Presentation Settings allow a user to put their machine into a state fit for an uninterrupted presentation, such as a set of PowerPoint slides, with a single click.
  • QUNS_RUNNING_D3D_FULL_SCREEN A full-screen (exclusive mode) Direct3D application is running.
  • QUNS_PRESENTATION_MODE The user has activated Windows presentation settings to block notifications and pop-up messages.
  • QUNS_ACCEPTS_NOTIFICATIONS None of the other states are found, notifications can be freely sent.
  • QUNS_QUIET_TIME Introduced in Windows 7. The current user is in "quiet time", which is the first hour after a new user logs into his or her account for the first time. During this time, most notifications should not be sent or shown. This lets a user become accustomed to a new computer system without those distractions. Quiet time also occurs for each user after an operating system upgrade or clean installation, according to Windows. This is not the same as "quiet hours".
Note that during quiet time, if the user is in one of the other blocked modes (QUNSNOTPRESENT, QUNSBUSY, QUNSPRESENTATIONMODE, or QUNSRUNNINGD3DFULLSCREEN) SHQueryUserNotificationState returns only that value, and does not report QUNSQUIETTIME.
  • QUNS_APP Introduced in Windows 8. A Windows Store app is running.

const { getSessionState } from 'electron-notification-state'



MIT. Please see LICENSE for details.