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Elm Installer
Elm is a functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript.
Head over to The Official Guide to start learning Elm!

What is this package for?

Normal installs
Use the instructions here instead.
Multiple versions
People using Elm at work may use different versions of Elm in different projects. They can run npm install elm@latest-0.19.1 in each project and use the binary at ./node_modules/.bin/elm for compilation.
Continuous integration ⚠️
This works, but there are usually faster and more reliable options:
  1. You can download elm directly from GitHub with this script. This is all the npm installer does, but with extra HTTP requests to npmjs.com servers, making it slower and adding more failure points.
  2. Many continuous integration have ways to cache files (example) to make builds faster and more reliable.

That said, it will definitely work to use the npm installer on CI if you prefer that option.

Install Locally

The following command should download the latest Elm 0.19.1 binary:
npm install elm@latest-0.19.1

You should be able to run ./node_modules/bin/elm --version within your project and see 0.19.1. Now you can compile with ./node_modules/bin/elm make src/Main.elm and not disrupt other packages.
Use npm install elm@latest-0.19.0 or npm install elm@latest-0.18.0 for earlier versions.
Note: The latest-X.Y.Z convention is used in case we need to publish patches for the npm installer within a given Elm release. For example, say npm decides that some transitive dependency is not secure. Nothing is changing about Elm or the binaries, but we need to publish a new npm installer that fixes this issue.