As set of handlebar helpers for Ember.

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As set of handlebar helpers for Ember 1.13.11 and higher. Uses bootstrap for styling.


npm install --save em-helpers

Running UTs & integration tests

ember test

Running demo app

  • ember server
  • Visit your app at http://localhost:4200.


  1. txt - for formatting text

{{txt <value> [type={string} ..extra properties depended on type.. formatter={Function} ]}}

  • When value is undefined or null, txt displays a 'Not Available' message
  • If the formatter function (built-in/external) throws an error; the error will be logged and an 'Error!' message will be displayed


  • Supported values = date, duration, number or memory
  • txt uses momentjs for formatting date & duration, and numeraljs for formatting numbers
  • Other parameters depend on the type
  • momentjs is used for formatting
  • With date, value can be a date object, date string or number of milliseconds
  • internal date formatter will perform all the parsing, and conversions
  • Supported extra properties
- format - Displayed date format. Default value is DD MMM YYYY HH:mm - timeZone - Displayed date time zone. Default is local time zone. - valueFormat - Format of incoming date string - valueTimeZone - Time zone of incoming value. Default value is UTC
  • momentjs is used for formatting
  • Expects value to be of number type
  • End result will be of the format Y years M months D days h hours m minutes s seconds
  • Supported extra properties
- valueUnit - Can be used to specify the unit of incoming value. It can be either of the string mentioned here
  • numeraljs is used for formatting
  • Supported extra properties
- format - Can be any of the format strings mentioned here. Default value is 0,0.
  • A short had for type='number' & format='0 b'
  • Pretty prints an object in an indented JSON representation. Uses JSON.stringify internally.
  • Supported extra properties
- replacer - Same as JSON.stringify replacer - space - Same as JSON.stringify space. Defaults to 4 spaces


  • An optional callback function to create custom formatting.
  • Will be called with two values; value and property hash passed into the helper
  • Returned value must support toString method.


{{txt}} // Not Available!
{{txt "Bat Man"}} // Bat Man
{{txt 1399919400000 type="date"}} // 13 May 2014 00:00
{{txt 3333 type="duration"}} // 3 seconds
{{txt 10000000000 type="number"}} // 10,000,000,000
{{txt 10000000000 type="memory"}} // 9 GB
{{txt obj type="json"}}
// With obj={x: 1, y:2}
// Value displayed is
// {
//     "x": 1,
//     "y": 2
// }

  1. em-progress - A simple progress bar

{{em-progress value=0 striped=true}}


- Current value to be displayed


- Defaults to 0 - Progress would be calculated from this value


- Defaults to 1 - Progress would be calculated to this value


- Adds candy stripes to the progress-bar - Also the bar is animates when valueMin < value < valueMax


- Use this param to color the progress bar - All styles provided by bootstrap are supported - Available values are success, info, warning & danger

  1. em-breadcrumbs

{{em-progress items=[array of item objects]}}

Each item object can have the following properties.


- The link display text


- When specified the item will be a link-to the respective route


- If you want to route to a specific model/id as dynamic segment - To have multiple dynamic segments pass an object of values, and use a serialize hook


- This creates an anchor tag instead of ember's link-to - Useful for linking to external resources


- Must be an array of css class names