Ember cli addon that includes a polyfill for promises if needed.

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Ember-CLI addon to add a polyfill for the Promise property, based on Ember's included RSVP.
Internet Explorer 11 and lower do not support Promise. See full browser support details.


ember install ember-cli-promises-polyfill


The addon will import the polyfill by default to your vendor.js.
The polyfill essentially assigns window.Promise = Ember.RSVP.Promise;, if your target browser does not have window.Promise defined.
Beginning with version 2.13 Ember CLI supports a Targets feature, allowing you to specify the list of browsers your app should support like last 1 Chrome versions or ie 11. If the caniuse database indicates that all browsers you want to support fully support the feature, then the polyfill will not be included into your build, to not increase your bundle size.

Usage in an addon

This should also work as a nested addon of another addon, just include it as a dependency. So if your addon makes use of Promise, you can use this to make sure the API is available. Given the above mentioned targets feature, it will have no negative impact on the consuming app should the polyfill not be needed.


This addon was inspired by a similar polyfill addon: https://github.com/kaliber5/ember-cli-classlist-polyfill


This project is licensed under the MIT License.