Computed property implementation of `Ember.Array.sortBy`.

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Addon to make sorting a little easier for Ember.js when the sort order is immutable. This addon was originally a proof of concept for emberjs/rfcs#87. However that RFC was rejected, so this will continue to live on as an addon.


A computed property which returns a new sorted array of content from the a dependent array. The sort order is defined by the second, and any subsequent, string arguments. Adding a suffix of ':desc' to any of those string arguments will cause that order to be applied as descending.
import sortBy from 'ember-computed-sortby';

let ToDoList = Ember.Object.extend({
  // using standard ascending sort
  sortedTodos: sortBy('todos', 'name'),

  // using descending sort
  sortedTodosDesc: sortBy('todos', 'name:desc'),

  // using secondary sort
  sortedPriority: sortBy('todos', 'priority', 'name')

let todoList = ToDoList.create({todos: [
  { name: 'Unit Test', priority: 2 },
  { name: 'Documentation', priority: 3 },
  { name: 'Integration Test', priority: 2 },
  { name: 'Release', priority: 1 }

todoList.get('sortedTodos');      // [{ name:'Documentation', priority:3 }, { name: 'Integration Test', priority: 2 }, { name:'Release', priority:1 }, { name:'Unit Test', priority:2 }]
todoList.get('sortedTodosDesc');  // [{ name:'Unit Test', priority:2 }, { name:'Release', priority:1 }, { name: 'Integration Test', priority: 2 }, { name:'Documentation', priority:3 }]
todoList.get('priorityTodos');    // [{ name:'Release', priority:1 }, { name: 'Integration Test', priority: 2 }, { name:'Unit Test', priority:2 }, { name:'Documentation', priority:3 }]
Method documentation:
@method sort
@for Ember.computed
@param {String} itemsKey
@param {String} property name(s) to sort on. Append ':desc' to trigger sort to be applied as descending.
@return {Ember.ComputedProperty} computes a new sorted array based on the sort property array

Installing this addon

From within your Ember CLI project directory:
ember install ember-computed-sortby

Running Tests


  • git clone this repository
  • yarn install


  • ember test
  • ember test --server