An ember-cli addon for using Font Awesome icons in Ember applications.

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An ember-cli addon for using Font Awesome icons in Ember applications.
WARNING: Please verify that you are reading the README corresponding with the version of ember-font-awesome you are using.

Table of Contents

Ember Version Compatibility

Please consult the table to check which version of ember-font-awesome you should use:
Addon version | Ember version | Addon name ----------------------|---------------|----------------------- >= 4.0.0, < 5.0.0 | >= 2.10.0 | ember-font-awesome >= 2.0.0, < 4.0.0 | >= 2.3.0 | ember-font-awesome >= 1.0.0, < 2.0.0 | >= 1.11.0 | ember-cli-font-awesome >= 0.1.0, < 1.0.0 | >= 1.13.0 | ember-cli-font-awesome 0.0.9 | < 1.11.0 | ember-cli-font-awesome

V4.0.0, important notes

Version 4.0.0 of this addon introduces an entirely new approach in which the addon contains no components and has 0 runtime overhead. Instead, all usages of {{fa-icon}}, {{fa-list}} and {{fa-stack}} are transformed into the right markup in compile-time.
To achieve this we had to make the component a bit more constrained so it can be compiled statically. There is a few (edge) cases that we had to drop to achieve that:
  • {{fa-icon tagName=boundValue}}. You cannot pass a bound value to the tag name (you still can pass a fixed value like {{fa-icon tagName="span"}})
  • Previously both {{fa-icon "credit-card"}} and {{fa-icon "fa-credit-card"}} were valid invocations. Now only the first one is. You should not include the fa- prefix on the icon names.
  • Previously both {{fa-icon size="2"}} and {{fa-icon size="2x"}} were valid sizes. Now only the first one is, you cannot pass a string ending in x.
  • It requires a Glimmer2 version of Ember (2.10 or bigger)
  • It requires node >= 6 (working on making it 4.5+ soon)
  • If you use this addon from within another addon, you have to move it from devDependencies to dependencies in your package.json.
  • If you want to ensure the AST transforms of this addon are not being cached, you can pass a EMBER_CLI_FONT_AWESOME_DISABLE_CACHE=true
environment variable to ember build
In return you get a an addon with 0 runtime overhead, that ships 0 bytes of javascript code and (optionally) removes the CSS of unused icons in production, yielding to even more saved bytes.
NOTE: If your addon is using ember-try to test against versions of ember lower than 2.10, you will need to make some adjustments.
  • Specify ember-font-awesome as a peerDependency in your addon's ember-try, using the correct version number according to the table above.
  • Specify null as the value for ember-font-awesome in the dependencies key for that older version of ember under test, otherwise the test build will not use the version specified as a peerDependency

// config/ember-try.js
module.exports = {
  scenarios: [
      name: 'ember-lts-2.8',
      bower: {
        dependencies: {
          'ember': 'components/ember#lts-2-8'
        resolutions: {
          'ember': 'lts-2-8'
      npm: {
        dependencies: {
          'ember-font-awesome': null // <---
        peerDependencies: {
          'ember-font-awesome': '^3.0.0' // <---
        devDependencies: {
          'ember-source': null
    ... // other scenarios

Installing the Add-on

In your application's directory:
$ ember install ember-font-awesome

Using the Add-on

Use the component in your Handlebars templates:
{{fa-icon "camera"}}

This will render:
<i class="fa fa-camera"></i>

To see which icons are available please check the complete list of Font Awesome icons.
Note: We are currently working hard to get to version 5. Until then we don't support the Font Awesome 5 icons.
The Font Awesome examples
illustrate the various options and their effects. It should be fairly simple to map these options to their {{fa-icon}} counterparts.

:sos: Looking for Help?

  • :warning: Bug reports: If your bug hasn't been reported yet, please open an issuenew-issue. Try to pick a short but descriptive title. Make sure you're using the latest version of ember-font-awesome. In the issue body, try to provide exact steps for reproduction, ideally with example code. If you can't, please include any and all error messages, as many details as possible and exact information on which Ember.js / ember-cli version and browser / OS you're using.
  • Slack Icon Slack: We're happy to help you in our #e-font-awesomeslack Slack channel! You can create an Ember Community Slack accountslackin here for free.

Larger Icons

{{fa-icon "star" size="lg"}}
{{fa-icon "star" size=2}}
{{fa-icon "star" size=3}}
{{fa-icon "star" size=4}}
{{fa-icon "star" size=5}}

Fixed Width Icons

<div class="list-group">
  <a class="list-group-item" href="#">
    {{fa-icon "home" fixedWidth=true}} Home
  <a class="list-group-item" href="#">
    {{fa-icon "book" fixedWidth=true}} Library

List Icons

{{#fa-list as |l|}}
  <li>{{l.fa-icon "check-square"}}List icons</li>
  <li>{{l.fa-icon "check-square"}}can be used</li>
  <li>{{l.fa-icon "spinner" spin=true}}as bullets</li>
  <li>{{l.fa-icon "square"}}in lists</li>

Bordered & Pulled Icons

{{fa-icon "quote-left" pull="left" border=true}}
...tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther...
And then one fine morning— So we beat on, boats against the
current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

Animated Icons

{{fa-icon "spinner" spin=true}}
{{fa-icon "circle-o-notch" spin=true}}
{{fa-icon "refresh" spin=true}}
{{fa-icon "cog" spin=true}}
{{fa-icon "spinner" pulse=true}}

Rotate & Flipped

{{fa-icon "shield"}} normal
{{fa-icon "shield" rotate=90}} rotated 90 degrees
{{fa-icon "shield" rotate=180}} rotated 180 degrees
{{fa-icon "shield" rotate=270}} rotated 270 degrees
{{fa-icon "shield" flip="horizontal"}} flipped horizontal
{{fa-icon "shield" flip="vertical"}} flipped vertical

Stacked Icons

{{#fa-stack size="lg" as |s|}}
  {{s.stack-2x "square-o"}}
  {{s.stack-1x "twitter"}}

{{#fa-stack size="lg" as |s|}}
  {{s.stack-2x "circle"}}
  {{s.stack-1x "flag" inverse=true}}

{{#fa-stack size="lg" as |s|}}
  {{s.stack-2x "square"}}
  {{s.stack-1x "terminal" inverse=true}}

{{#fa-stack size="lg" as |s|}}
  {{s.stack-2x "square"}}
  {{s.stack-1x "terminal" class="text-danger"}}

The aria-hidden Attribute

To better support accessibility (i.e. screen readers), the helper adds the aria-hidden attribute by default:
{{fa-icon "star"}}

Results in:
<i class="fa fa-star" aria-hidden="true"></i>

To remove the aria-hidden attribute:
{{fa-icon "star" ariaHidden=false}}

The aria-label Attribute

To better support accessibility (i.e. screen readers), the helper adds an optional aria-label attribute:
{{fa-icon "star" ariaLabel="Click Me"}}

Results in:
<i class="fa fa-star" aria-label="Click Me"></i>


You can respond to actions on the icon by passing on action handlers:
{{fa-icon "star" click=(action "myClickHandler")}}

Tag Name

Use tagName to control the generated markup:
{{fa-icon "star" tagName="span"}}
Results in:
<span class="fa fa-star"></span>

Custom Class Names

{{fa-icon "bicycle" class="my-custom-class"}}

Results in:
<i class="fa fa-bicycle my-custom-class"></i>

Title attribute

{{fa-icon "edit" title="Edit the item"}}

Results in:
<i class="fa fa-edit" title="Edit the item"></i>

Customize with Sass/Scss or Less

If you are using the ember-cli-sass or ember-cli-less addon, you can opt-in to the Scss or Less version of font-awesome by adding the following configuration in ember-cli-build.js:
var app = new EmberApp({
  'ember-font-awesome': {
    useScss: true, // for ember-cli-sass
    useLess: true  // for ember-cli-less

Then in your app.scss or app.less:
@import "font-awesome";

Excluding assets

You can configure the addon to not import any assets (CSS or font files) by adding the following configuration in ember-cli-build.js:
var app = new EmberApp({
  'ember-font-awesome': {
    includeFontAwesomeAssets: false

You can also configure the addon to only import specific font formats by adding the following configuration in ember-cli-build.js:
Default: ['eot', 'svg', 'ttf', 'woff', 'woff2', 'otf']
var app = new EmberApp({
  'ember-font-awesome': {
    fontFormats: ['woff', 'woff2']

In addition, you can configure the addon to exclude the font file assets entirely by adding the following configuration in ember-cli-build.js:
var app = new EmberApp({
  'ember-font-awesome': {
    includeFontFiles: false

Remove unused icons

This addon includes an experimental functionality to detect the used icons and remove the ones you don't use. By default this feature is disabled, but you enabled when environment is 'production' by doing:
var app = new EmberApp({
  'ember-font-awesome': {
    removeUnusedIcons: EmberApp.env() === 'production' // The addon will remove unused icons in production

Including specific icons

By default this addon detects which icons are used based on the invocation parameters of {{fa-icon}}, and removes the rest, but you can whitelist in ember-cli-build.js some specific icons to be always included regardless of if they are used or not:
var app = new EmberApp({
  'ember-font-awesome': {
    includeStaticIcons: ['sort'],

Add a component for compatibility

Since all invocations of {{fa-icon}} are transformed to HTML tags at compile time, there's no need for an actual {{fa-icon}} component. Except for one edge case: Passing a component invoked via the {{component}} helper.
  icon=(component "fa-icon" "check")

{{!-- or just --}}

{{component "fa-icon" "rocket"}}

In your ember-cli-build.js you can enable the includeComponent option to include an {{fa-icon}} component for exactly that use case. You will still benefit from all compile time optimizations, however we'll add a bit of additional JS to your asset bundle size.
var app = new EmberApp({
  'ember-font-awesome': {
    includeComponent: true

Output path

You can change the directory where the fonts are copied to using the following configuration:
var app = new EmberApp({
  'ember-font-awesome': {
    fontsOutput: "/some/dir/"

This is useful when you change the output paths for your ember app. By default, ember-font-awesome copies the font files to /dist/fonts. The addon produces a css file to load the fonts that will be included in the vendor css file and expect to find the fonts at ../fonts. If the css directory is not at the same level as the fonts directory, the site won't load the fonts.
For example, moving the css directory to /dist/assets/css would require the fonts directory to be /dist/assets/fonts and the configuration would look like this:
var app = new EmberApp({
    outputPaths: {
        app: {
            css: {
                  app: "/assets/css/app-name.css",
            js: "/assets/js/app-name.js",

        vendor: {
            css: "/assets/css/vendor.css",
            js: "/assets/js/vendor.js",
    'ember-font-awesome': {
        fontsOutput: "/assets/fonts"


Public Domain