Fullscreen API packaged as an Ember service.

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Fullscreen API packaged as an Ember service.

ember-fullscreen uses Screenfull for the all the Fullscreen API calls. This means that ember-fullscreen will work on every browser that supports fullscreen API/screenfull: http://caniuse.com/fullscreen
Check minimal demo.


ember-fullscreen is an ember-cli addon. Just run the install command on your ember-cli project:
ember install ember-fullscreen

For more information on using ember-cli, visit http://www.ember-cli.com/.


Inject the service anywhere you need it by adding fullscreen: Ember.inject.service(). The fullscreen service has the following properties and methods:
  • .isAvailable - A boolean that represents whether you are allowed to enter fullscreen.

  • .isEnabled - A boolean that represents whether you are in fullscreen mode.

  • .enable() - Enters fullscreen mode. Accepts a DOM element. Default is <html>. If called with another element than the currently active, it will switch to that if it's a decendant. Yes, you can make DOM elements fullscreen.

  • .disable() - Disables fullscreen mode.

  • .toggle() - Enables fullscreen mode if not active, disables if active. Also accepts an optional DOM element.

  • .on('error', ...) - Fullscreen service includes Ember.Evented mixin. When a fullscreen request fails, ember-fullscreen triggers an error event.

  • .on('fullscreenChange', ...) - When the fullscreen state changes, ember-fullscreen notifies the new isEnabled state.


Create a button in your controller with an action that toggles fullscreen mode:
export default Controller.extend({
  fullscreen: service(),
  actions: {
    toggleFullscreen() {

Use it on your templates to conditionally render depending on a boolean:
{{#if fullscreen.isEnabled}}
  I'm fullscreen
  I'm NOT fullscreen

Only display a button to enter fullscreen if the browser supports it:
{{#if fullscreen.isAvailable}}
  <button onclick={{action "toggleFullscreen"}}>
    Toggle fullscreen

A simple component that sets its own element to fullscreen on click:
export default Component.extend({
  fullscreen: service(),
  click() {

Bind an icon class depending on wether we're in fullscreen:
{{!-- Uses font-awesome --}}
<i class="{{if fullscreen.isEnabled "fa-compress" "fa-expand"}}"></i>