Helps you ignore events that didn't directly target your own element.

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No actual children were neglected in the making of this addon.
This Ember addon provides a single helper named ignore-children. It lets you declare an event handler that will only fire for events that directly target the given element. Events from its children will be ignored.
For example, assume that your-component accepts an action named doSomething:
{{your-component doSomething=(action "alrightyThen")}}

Then within your-component.hbs, you can say:
<div class="outer" onclick={{action (ignore-children doSomething) }}>
  Clicks in this area will cause "doSomething" to be called.
  <div class="inner">But clicks in this area will not! ignore-children is blocking them for us.</div>

See tests/dummy/app/index.hbs for a working example you can play with.


ember install ember-ignore-children-helper

Running, Testing, etc

Standard ember addon conventions apply. In this repo, ember s will run the included dummy app and ember test will run the test suite.