Opens ember-cli app in system's default browser after ember serve.

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A small addon that opens an ember-cli application, using the systems default web browser, after an initial build via ember s.
This is only made possible by prior work within create-react-app.


  • ember install ember-open-browser

Overriding Default Browser

Open browser using firefox instead of the system default: BROWSER=firefox ember s
Temporarily disable addon: BROWSER=none ember s

Overriding the URI

By default, ember-open-browser will use derive the host, port, and scheme from ember-cli. Typically this is http://localhost:4200/.
There may be instances where you'll want to override this URI to point somewhere else - especially useful when you have an nginx instance standing in front of ember-cli's web server.
This can be defined within .ember-cli within your project root.
  "open-browser-uri": "https://google.local"

Disabling addon

Setting the BROWSER environment variable to none will disable the addon. Example: BROWSER=none ember s
A more persistent method of disabling ember-open-browser is adding "noBrowser": true to .ember-cli
MIT License
See LICENSE.md See open-browser/LICENSE.md