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This is a Ember Power Select addon that leverages ember-sortable to provide a multiple select whose selections can be sorted using drag and drop.


This addon contains one single component {{#power-select-sortable}} that takes the same configuration options then the regular {{#power-select-multiple}}.
{{#power-select-sortable options=options selected=selected onchange=(action (mut selected)) as |opt|}}

For more information about usage, check ember-power-select's docs

Can I get a taste of it?

Go to https://ember-power-select-sortable.pagefrontapp.com to see it in action. This addon was created as an example of how to build composable component in a live coding talk, but I've never used it myself. If you find any bug or edge case not covered, issues or PRs are welcome :)

Next steps

  • Add tests
  • Add animated gif to the readme