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Ember Screen
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This addon adds a screen service to your Ember application that will report the current height and width of the window.
import Ember from 'ember';
const { Component, computed, inject } = Ember;

export default Ember.Component({
  screen: inject.service(),

  showTopNavigation: computed('screen.width', function() {
    return this.get('screen.width') > 1000;


ember install ember-screen

Using Media Queries

Ember Screen is configured with a set of properties that correspond to Bootstrap 4's media queries. This is the default implementation of app/services/screen.js.
import EmberScreen, { breakpoint } from 'ember-screen';

export default EmberScreen.extend({
  isSmallAndUp: breakpoint('(min-width: 34em)'),
  isMediumAndUp: breakpoint('(min-width: 48em)'),
  isLargeAndUp: breakpoint('(min-width: 62em)'),
  isExtraLargeAndUp: breakpoint('(min-width: 75em)'),

  isExtraSmallAndDown: breakpoint('(max-width: 33.9999em)'),
  isSmallAndDown: breakpoint('(max-width: 47.9999em)'),
  isMediumAndDown: breakpoint('(max-width: 61.9999em)'),
  isLargeAndDown: breakpoint('(max-width: 74.9999em)')

If you inject screen into a component, you could use a media query property like this:
{{#if screen.isSmallAndDown}}
  ☰ <!-- obligatory hamburger -->

To configure your own media queries, create an app/services/screen.js file in your application and extend from the Ember Screen service.
import EmberScreen, { breakpoint } from 'ember-screen';

export default EmberScreen.extend({
  isMobile: breakpoint('(max-width: 479px)'),
  isDesktop: breakpoint('(min-width: 480px)')

Testing Media Queries

Creating automated tests for different screen sizes is often neglected because it is not practical to programmatically resize a web browser during tests. Ember Screen lets you to stub media features to run tests that are integrated with your screen service logic.
// An example acceptance test

test('shows large logo on HD tv', function(assert) {
  let screen = this.owner.lookup('service:screen');
  screen.stubMediaFeatures({ type: 'tv', width: 1920 });


  andThen(function() {
    assert.equal(find('.logo-large').length, 1, "HD TVs have large logo");

This feature uses css-mediaquery to parse your configured breakpoints and see if they match with the stubbed values.

Running in FastBoot

Ember screen is compatible with FastBoot out of the box. However in a FastBoot environment running on a server there is no way to access the screen properties of the client. If your UI depends on the device's screen size then you can use the screen service's stubMediaFeatures method to provide defaults. See this simple example of a FastBoot-only instance initializer.

Running the Tests for this Addon

Running tests that resize a web browser is challenging because web browsers disable window.resizeTo and window.resizeBy APIs. Chrome will allow these methods to work for popup windows that have been programatically created with window.open. The current test suite has some finicky configuration will only succeed when running with Testem, so the proper way to run tests locally is to use:
ember test

ember test --server