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Emmet plugin for CodeMirror 4.x+
To add Emmet support for CodeMirror editor, simply add dist/emmet.js as a <script> tag into your HTML page right after CodeMirror script. This script creates global emmetCodeMirror function but also can be loaded as Require.JS module. You should pass CodeMirror editor instance to emmetCodeMirror() to add Emmet support.
var editor = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(document.getElementById("code"), {
	mode : 'text/html',
	// define Emmet output profile
	profile: 'xhtml'

Available profiles are: html, xhtml, xml, but you can create your own output profile with emmetCodeMirror.emmet.loadProfiles({name: options}).
See profile.js for a list of available options.

Default keybindings

  • Cmd-E or Tab: Expand abbreviation
  • Cmd-D: Balance Tag (matches opening and closing tag pair)
  • Shift-Cmd-D: Balance Tag Inward
  • Shift-Cmd-A: Wrap With Abbreviation
  • Ctrl-Alt-Right: Next Edit Point
  • Ctrl-Alt-Left: Previous Edit Point
  • Cmd-L: Select line
  • Cmd-Shift-M: Merge Lines
  • Cmd-/: Toggle Comment
  • Cmd-J: Split/Join Tag
  • Cmd-K: Remove Tag
  • Shift-Cmd-Y: Evaluate Math Expression
  • Ctrl-Up: Increment Number by 1
  • Ctrl-Down: Decrement Number by 1
  • Ctrl-Alt-Up: Increment Number by 0.1
  • Ctrl-Alt-Down: Decrement Number by 0.1
  • Shift-Ctrl-Up: Increment Number by 10
  • Shift-Ctrl-Down: Decrement Number by 10
  • Shift-Cmd-.: Select Next Item
  • Shift-Cmd-,: Select Previous Item
  • Cmd-B: Reflect CSS Value

Overriding keybindings

The emmetCodeMirror() function simply adds default Emmet action keybindings to editor instance. If you want your own keybindings or disable some of them, simply pass keymap (object) as second argument to emmetCodeMirror() method:
emmetCodeMirror(editor, {
    'Tab': 'emmet.expand_abbreviation_with_tab',
    'Cmd-Alt-B': 'emmet.balance_outward'

See defaultKeymap for available actions. The default keymap is exposed as emmetCodeMirror.defaultKeymap property.
NB: The Cmd key will be automatically replaced with Ctrl on non-OSX platforms.

Building from source

This plugin uses gulp.js as build tool:
  1. Install Node.JS and NPM.
  2. Install Gulp.js: npm install -g gulp
  3. Clone this repo and cd to cloned dir:
  4. In cloned repo run npm install and gulp to build project. The build tool will create dist/emmet.js file.