Encode data into a well-formatted buffer and decode it when needed.

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Encode data into a well-formatted buffer and decode it when needed.


```javascript const { encode, decode } = require("encoded-buffer"); let buf = encode( // encode data
["a", "r", "r", "a", "y"],
{type: "object"},
Buffer.from("or a buffer"),
new Error("even an error"),
new Date()
); console.log(buf); console.log(buf.toString()); let data = decode(buf); // decode data console.log(data); // decoded data is an array, or null when failed. ```

Buffer Format

When data is encoded, it will be formatted with a leading character and number that indicates the original type and the byte length of the data, and every part of the data is separated by ;. the style would seemed like this: s:6:string;n:5:12345;S:12:Symbol(desc);r:8:/regexp/;... Array will be enwrapped with [], and objects will be enwrapped with {}, and they are encoded recursively. This map shows the representations of supported types:
  • a => Array arrays will be encoded recursively.
  • b => boolean booleans are encoded either as 1 or empty buffer.
  • B => Buffer buffers will keep the original form.
  • d => Date encode the ISO string, when decode, generate a new instance.
  • e => Error encode all properties in an object, when decode, generate a new
instance according to the name, message, stack and any other properties.
  • f => function functions cannot be encoded, so treated as void.
  • n => number encoded as string.
  • o => object objects will be encoded recursively.
  • r => RegExp encoded as string.
  • s => string buffered as what it is, special characters like \r, \n, etc.
should be escaped.
  • S => symbol encoded as string, when decode, generate a new symbol.
  • u => undefined encoded as 0x0.
  • v => void for null, encoded as 0x0.


The major purpose of the this module is meant to encode data into a well-formatted buffer, so that it could be transferred via the Internet or other materials, and decoded automatically by the program.