Elasticsearch tooling functions for managing indices and aliases.

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Enrise estools
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Elasticsearch tooling functions for managing indices and aliases. This can be used within an elasticsearch environment where a seperate index needs to be managed next to the live index. The script works by creating two aliases: a feeder-alias and a search-alias. Both are managed seperately. The former is used to fill an index and is set using the upgrade function. And the search-alias is set using the switch function.
This package is highly opiniated. Therefore it is use at your own risk.


npm install enrise-estools

const estools = require('enrise-estools');

API Documentation

upgrade | Upgrade a feeder- alias

Creates a new versioned index according to the mapping, and points the feeder- alias to it.
estools.upgrade(esClient, index, options);

@param1: elasticsearch client
@param2: string | index to upgrade
@param2: options-object:
  - index: string | index to use
  - currentVersion: integer | existing version number, by default uses the $prefix $index version
  - targetVersion: integer | new version number, by default uses the highest $index version + 1
  - prefix: string, default:'feeder-' | prefix for feeder index
  - mapping: object, default:current feeder-mapping | mapping to use for the new index
  - synonyms: object={synonyms: [], preSynonyms: []} | synonyms to use for the new index, will overwrite the filters synonyms and pre_synonyms in the mapping with inline synonyms
  - useExistingSynonyms: boolean | uses the existing feeder-synonyms for the new index

helpers.getAliasVersion -> int | Retrieve the version of an alias

estools.helpers.getAliasVersion(esClient, alias);

@param1: elasticsearch client
@param2: string | alias

helpers.getIndexVersions -> int | Retrieve all versions (descending) of an index

estools.helpers.getIndexVersions(esClient, index);

@param1: elasticsearch client
@param2: string | index

Publishing a new version

Ensure your working directory is clean. The following commands create a new version number by updating the package.json file and adding a git tag. Then push the new version with the tag to git, where GitLab CI will publish a new version. Version should only be updated by npm version, do not manually update the version in package.json.
npm version <newversion>
git push --follow-tags


  • Switch function - to move the feeder- alias to the regular alias.
  • Reindex function - for reindexing between two different indices or aliases.
  • CLI tooling. When installing, this should be placed inside ./node_modules/.bin.
  • Improve description