Esendex Node.js client library.

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esendex-node ============ !NPM versionnpm-imagenpm-url !Build Statustravis-imagetravis-url !NPMnpmico-imagenpmico-url A work-in-progress simplistic client library for the Esendex REST API.

Getting Started

  1. Install via npm: npm install esendex
  1. Install the dependencies: npm install
  1. Use!
```js var esendex = require('esendex')({ username: "", password: "super-secret-password" }); esendex.messages.get({count: 3}, function (err, messages) { console.log(err || messages); }); ```

Example Scripts

There's a number of example scripts that show the client library in action. Take a look at the examples directory.


Pull requests are welcome, but there are some rules:
  • Please adhere to the coding style implied from existing code
  • Run npm test to ensure your code is lint free and all tests pass before you push
  • Please cover all changes with sufficient tests (examples folder exempt for now)