The eslint rules for Atomic Jolt

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Eslint Config Atomic Jolt


For a long time we used the Airbnb config for out lint rules. However, now we have reached a point where we are confident that we know how we like to develop and what styles we like to follow. This package defines all of the rules that we follow at Atomic Jolt.


yarn install eslint-plugin-atomicjolt
In your eslintrc.yml file you should have something like the following:


ecmaFeatures: jsx: true modules: true env: browser: true es6: true extends: atomicjolt parser: babel-eslint plugins: - react - jsx-a11y - import globals: describe: false beforeAll: false beforeEach: false afterEach: false it: false expect: false xit: false spyOn: false jasmine: false module: false jest: false Rollbar: false DEV: false ```

Changing rules

Please don't just ignore or add rules in your project's eslintrc file. If you think there is a rule worth following or ignoring then please submit a pr to this repo so that we can be consistent across projects.