Eslint rules for Backbone.

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Backbone specific linting rules for ESLint
How to use

Install ESLint either locally or globally

npm install eslint@">=1.0.0"


npm install eslint@">=1.0.0" --save-dev

eslint-plugin-backbone requires ESLint with version greater then 1.0.0 if you would like to use your own base models.

Install Backbone plugins.

If you installed ESLint globally, you have to install Backbone plugin globally too. Otherwise, install it locally.
npm install eslint-plugin-backbone


npm install eslint-plugin-backbone --save-dev

Default configuration

Deprecated in v2
note: ESLint v2 removed support for default configurations. Please see config below for details.
If you are using ESLint >0.9.0 then this plugin will provide default configuration. If you are fine with defaults, you do not need to update your .eslintrc file.
Defaults are currently set to the following:
"collection-model": 2,
"defaults-on-top": 1,
"event-scope": 1,
"events-on-top": [1, ["tagName", "className"]],
"initialize-on-top": [1, { View: ["tagName", "className", "events"], Model: ["defaults", "url", "urlRoot"], Collection: ["model", "url"] }],
"model-defaults": 2,
"no-changed-set": 2,
"no-collection-models": 2,
"no-constructor": 1,
"no-el-assign": 2,
"no-model-attributes": 2,
"no-native-jquery": [1, "selector"],
"no-silent": 1,
"no-view-collection-models": 2,
"no-view-model-attributes": 2,
"no-view-onoff-binding": 2,
"no-view-qualified-jquery": 0,
"render-return": 2


In version 2.0.0 removed support for default configurations for plugins and replaced it with ability for plugins to bundle configs. This plugin include recommended configuration that you can extend from to enable recommended setup of the rules (see "Default configuration" for the list of enabled rules).
To enable bundled config modify your .eslintrc file to include the following line:
    "extends": "plugin:backbone/recommended"

This will enable all of the rules listed above, as well as add two global variables - Backbone and _.

Modify .eslintrc for your project

Add plugins section and specify eslint-plugin-backbone as a plugin
    "plugins": [

Enable all of the rules that you would like to use
    "rules": {
        "backbone/collection-model": 1,
        "backbone/defaults-on-top": 1,
        "backbone/model-defaults": 1,
        "backbone/no-constructor": 1,
        "backbone/no-native-jquery": 1,

If you are using custom models/view/collection bases you also have to specify each on in the settings section
    "settings": {
        "backbone": {
            "Collection": ["Backbone.NestedCollection", "MyCollection"],
            "Model": ["MyBaseModel"],
            "View": ["MyBaseView"]
List of supported rules