Eslint rule for consistent filenames.

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Adds eslint rules to ensure consistent filenames for your javascript files.
Please note: This plugin will only lint the filenames of the .js, .jsx files you are linting with eslint. It will ignore other files that are not linted with eslint.

Enabling the plugin

This plugin requires a version of eslint>=1.0.0 to be installed as a peer dependency.
Modify your .eslintrc file to load the plugin and enable the rules you want to use.
  "plugins": [
  "rules": {
    "filenames/match-regex": 2,
    "filenames/match-exported": 2,
    "filenames/no-index": 2


Consistent Filenames via regex (match-regex)

A rule to enforce a certain file naming convention using a regular expression.
The convention can be configured using a regular expression (the default is camelCase.js). Additionally exporting files can be ignored with a second configuration parameter.
"filenames/match-regex": [2, "^[a-z_]+$", true]

With these configuration options, camelCase.js will be reported as an error while snake_case.js will pass. Additionally the files that have a named default export (according to the logic in the match-exported rule) will be ignored. They could be linted with the match-exported rule. Please note that exported function calls are not respected in this case.

Matching Exported Values (match-exported)

Match the file name against the default exported value in the module. Files that dont have a default export will be ignored. The exports of index.js are matched against their parent directory.
// Considered problem only if the file isn't named foo.js or foo/index.js
export default function foo() {}

// Considered problem only if the file isn't named Foo.js or Foo/index.js
module.exports = class Foo() {}

// Considered problem only if the file isn't named someVariable.js or someVariable/index.js
module.exports = someVariable;

// Never considered a problem
export default { foo: "bar" };

If your filename policy doesn't quite match with your variable naming policy, you can add one or multiple transforms:
"filenames/match-exported": [ 2, "kebab" ]

Now, in your code:
// Considered problem only if file isn't named variable-name.js or variable-name/index.js
export default function variableName;

Available transforms: 'snake', 'kebab', 'camel', and 'pascal' (camel-cased with first letter in upper case).
For multiple transforms simply specify an array like this (null in this case stands for no transform):
"filenames/match-exported": [2, [ null, "kebab", "snake" ] ]

If you prefer to use suffixes for your files (e.g. Foo.react.js for a React component file), you can use a second configuration parameter. It allows you to remove parts of a filename matching a regex pattern before transforming and matching against the export.
"filenames/match-exported": [ 2, null, "\\.react$" ]

Now, in your code:
// Considered problem only if file isn't named variableName.react.js, variableName.js or variableName/index.js
export default function variableName;

If you also want to match exported function calls you can use the third option (a boolean flag).
"filenames/match-exported": [ 2, null, null, true ]

Now, in your code:
// Considered problem only if file isn't named functionName.js or functionName/index.js
export default functionName();

Don't allow index.js files (no-index)

Having a bunch of index.js files can have negative influence on developer experience, e.g. when opening files by name. When enabling this rule. index.js files will always be considered a problem.



  • Fix issue with match-regex and getExportedName


  • Put breaking change from 1.3.0 behind a flag


  • Support call expressions as named exports


  • Introduce strip option for match-exported
  • Introduce support for multiple transform options
  • Introduce pascal transform


  • Introduce transform option for match-exported


  • Split rule into match-regex, match-exported and no-index


  • Add match-exported flags


  • Fix example in README


  • Fix: Text via stdin always passes
  • Tests: Travis builds also run on node 0.12 and iojs now


  • Initial Release