Some of the eslint rules to disable es2015

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Some of the eslint rules to disable es2015
Install ESLint either locally or globally.
$ npm install eslint

If you installed ESLint globally, you have to install React plugin globally too. Otherwise, install it locally.
$ npm install eslint-plugin-no-es2015
Add plugins section and specify ESLint-plugin-no-es2015 as a plugin.
  "plugins": [

and you can use this plugin like this.
"rules": {
    "no-es2015/no-object-computed-properties": 2,
    "no-es2015/no-object-shorthand-properties": 2,
    "no-es2015/no-object-shorthand-method": 2,
    "no-es2015/only-var": 2,
    "no-es2015/no-destructuring-assignment": 2,
    "no-es2015/no-destructuring-params": 2,
    "no-es2015/no-class": 2,
    "no-es2015/no-default-params": 2,
    "no-es2015/no-spread-element": 2,
    "no-es2015/no-rest-params": 2,
    "no-es2015/no-generator-function": 2,
    "no-es2015/no-arrow-func": 2,
    "no-es2015/no-for-of": 2,
    "no-es2015/no-import": 2,
    "no-es2015/no-template-strin": 2
List of supported rules
  • no-es2015/only-var: you can't use let or const.
  • no-es2015/no-destructuring-assignment: you can't use destructuring-assignment var {a} = {a:1};.
  • no-es2015/no-destructuring-params: you can't use destructuring-params function foo([a,b]) {} function bar({a}) {}.
  • no-es2015/no-class: you can't use class class A {}.
  • no-es2015/no-default-params: you can't use default params function(a = 1) {}.
  • no-es2015/no-spread-element: you can't use spread element Math.Max(...[1,2,3]).
  • no-es2015/no-rest-params: you can't use rest params function(...a) {}.
  • no-es2015/no-generator-function: you can't use generator params function*foo() {}.
  • no-es2015/no-arrow-func: you can't use arrow function var a = () => {}.
  • no-es2015/no-for-of: you can't use for of statement for(bar of foo) {}.
  • no-es2015/no-import: you can't use import import {foo} from 'foo'.
  • no-es2015/no-template-string: you can't use template string var a = `i am a template string`.
  • no-object-computed-properties: you can't use computed-properties {[foo]: bar}
  • no-object-shorthand-properties: you can't use shorthand-properties {foo}
  • no-object-shorthand-method: you can't use shorthand-method {foo() {}}