Underscore specific linting rules for ESLint

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Forked from eslint-plugin-lodash
Linting rules for Underscore
Install ESLint either locally or globally.
npm install eslint
If you installed ESLint globally, you have to install the Underscore plugin globally too. Otherwise, install it locally.
$ npm install eslint-plugin-underscore
Add plugins section and specify ESLint-plugin-underscore as a plugin.
  "plugins": ["underscore"]

Finally, enable all of the rules that you would like to use.
  "rules": {
    "underscore/collection-return": 2,
    "underscore/identity-shorthand": [2, "always"],
    "underscore/jquery-each": [2, "never"],
    "underscore/jquery-extend": [2, "never"],
    "underscore/jquery-proxy": [2, "never"],
    "underscore/matches-shorthand": [2, "always"],
    "underscore/no-return-value-from-each-iteratee": 2,
    "underscore/no-unnecessary-bind": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-chain": [2, 3],
    "underscore/prefer-compact": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-constant": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-filter": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-findwhere": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-invoke": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-map": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-matches": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-noop": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-pluck": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-reject": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-times": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-underscore-method": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-underscore-typecheck": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-where": 2,
    "underscore/preferred-alias": 2,
    "underscore/prop-shorthand": [2, "always"],

    // The below rules are not (yet) supported
    "underscore/no-single-chain": 2,
    "underscore/unwrap": 2,
    "underscore/no-double-unwrap": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-wrapper-method": 2,
    "underscore/prefer-lodash-chain": 2,
    "underscore/chain-style": [2, "as-needed"]
List of supported rules
List of Lodash rules which are not yet supported
  • no-single-chain: Prevent chaining syntax for single method, e.g. _(x).map().value().
  • unwrap: Prevent chaining without evaluation via value() or non-chainable methods like max().
  • no-double-unwrap: Do not use .value() on chains that have already ended (e.g. with max() or reduce()).
  • prefer-wrapper-method: Prefer using array and string methods in the chain and not the initial value, e.g. _(str).split(' ')...
  • prefer-lodash-chain: Prefer using Lodash chains (e.g. over native and mixed chains.
  • chain-style: Enforce a specific chain style: explicit, implicit, or explicit only when necessary.
ESLint-plugin-underscore is licensed under the MIT License.