Get a WKT representation from an Esri projection code.

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This module provides a method for looking up Well Known Text (WKT) representations of various projections. A projection can be found by providing an Esri projection code, and will result in the projection name and WKT being returned.


npm install esri-proj-codes

Then require the module and call the lookup method and pass in your projection code of choice
var codes = require('esri-proj-codes')
var projInfo = codes.lookup('3857')

You might also want the data from each projection code set separately, to minimize file size in the browser or to reduce memory usage. You can require each of the sets directly
var projected = require('esri-proj-codes/projected.json')
var geographic = require('esri-proj-codes/geographic.json')
var vertical = require('esri-proj-codes/vertical.json')
var datumTransformations = require('esri-proj-codes/transformations.json')
var verticalDatumTransformations = require('esri-proj-codes/vertical-transformations.json')


There are three sets of projection codes included in this module.



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