Customized version of excel-builder that can be run with webpack

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An excel-builder version which support webpack This is a fork from excel-builder which wasn't maintained.
Documentation at http://excelbuilderjs.com/. This is slightly outdated, but includes a 'cookbook' and some API documentation. New site coming soon with up-to-date documentation, and ability to contribute - see https://github.com/stephenliberty/excel-builder-site

Installing via NPM

npm install excel-builder-webpack

Building for web

Install Grunt:
npm install -g grunt-cli
Install dependencies:
npm install
Build & uglify:


excel-builder.compiled.js -> All files in the EB package and all dependencies.
excel-builder.dist.js -> All files in the EB package. Requires lodash and jszip scripts to be loaded on the page.


Originally this project was sort of sponsored by a previous company I worked for. Unfortunately now it has no backing, and my time is very limited while I work on side projects to help make ends meet. If you use bountysource or contribute via paypal (to stephen@liberty-irm.com) to open up bounties on issues, it is very, very likely that I will add features and fix issues sooner than later.
Otherwise, if you have the ability to contribute yourself, please just do so as normal - I'll review and pull changes as they come in as quickly as I can.