Convert English word contractions such "what's" into "what is".

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Expand English Contractions ----------- Convert English contractions to complete words. Uses the word list from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:ListofEnglishcontractions. Adapted from the unmaintained contractions package by JamesHight. This fixes an issue in the original package when the words like "super" were changed into "what is uper", because "sup" is replaced with "what is up". --- ````bash npm install expand-contractions ```` --- ````javascript var contractions = require('expand-contractions'); console.log(contractions.expand("I don't know who ya'll are.")); // Outputs: I do not know who you all are. console.log(contractions.contract("You all will have not seen this.")); // Outputs: Y'all'll'ven't seen this. ```` --- You can also use your own list of contractions / strings. Note: Longer strings take precedent over short strings. ````javascript var Contractions = require('expand-contractions').Contractions; var contractions = new Contractions({
'asap': 'as soon as possible', // only lower case characters should be used in the list
'a.s.a.p.': 'as soon as possible'
}); var text = 'asap'; text = contractions.expand(text); console.log(text); // Outputs: as soon as possible text = contractions.contract(text); console.log(text); // Outputs: a.s.a.p. ````