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export-dir ========== Node.JS module which allows you to require all of the files in an entire directory with a single call to require. Rationale --------- The default behavior of the Node.JS require function when you give it a directory path, for example require('./mymodules'), is to look for an index.js file in the relative directory mymodules. Example ------- That is, it will load ./mymodules/index.js This is useful, but sometimes you kind of wish that it imported all of the scripts in that directory instead. Suppose I have a directory structure like so:
-mymodules      // directory
* first.js    // contains -- module.exports = { name: 'first' }
* second.js   // contains -- module.exports = { name: 'second' }
- third       // directory
* index.js  // contains -- module.exports = { name: 'third' }
- more        // directory
* fourth.js // contains -- module.exports = { name: }
* fifth.js
I would like to get the following object back when I call require('./mymodules'):
first: {
name: 'first'
second: {
name: 'second'
third: {
name: 'third'
more: {
fourth: {
name: 'fourth'
fifth: {
name: 'fifth'
Usage ----- You should include export-dir as a dependency in your package.json file, you may do so by runnning:
npm install export-dir --save
In order to export an entire directory structure like in the example you need to place an index.js file into the desired directory which contains the following lines:
var exportDir = require('export-dir');
module.exports = exportDir(__dirname);
In the above example you would need to create an index.js file like this in both the ./mymodules directory and in ./mymodules/more in order to get the exported object shown above. Testing ------- This project uses the mocha module for testing. This dependencies is only for development and is not needed for use of export-dir. In order to install the development dependencies and run the tests using npm please run:
npm install -d
npm test