Auto-generated API Documentation for Express and Mongoose based APIs

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express-mongoose-docs ===================== Build Status Coverage Status This module will take away the pain of writing API and Data Model documentation for your Express & Mongoose based REST API. It auto-generates API documentation from the code on runtime so the documentation always stays up to date. Installation --------------
  • Step 1 : Install
```sh npm install express-mongoose-docs ```
  • Step 2 : Configure
Add these lines to your app.js file ```sh var docs = require("express-mongoose-docs"); ``` Make sure the following line comes after all express middleware such as app.use(express.bodyParser()); ```sh docs(app, mongoose); // 2nd param is optional ``` That's it. The Docs web page should be accessible at Your-Base-URL/apiDocs Example: http://localhost:5000/apiDocs Screenshots =========== routes data-model