Express middleware which serves a stylish and responsive photo gallery using jQuery lightgallery.

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EPG (express-photo-gallery) is a node module that creates an Express.js middleware function for hosting stylish and responsive photo galleries using jQuery lightgallery.
See a sample gallery here.



npm install express-photo-gallery


var express = require('express');
var app = express();

var Gallery = require('express-photo-gallery');

var options = {
  title: 'My Awesome Photo Gallery'

app.use('/photos', Gallery('path_to_photos', options));


That's it! See it in action here.
EPG will automatically look through the provided directory for a thumbs subdirectory and previews subdirectory, which should both contain files with the same filenames as those in the base folder. For example:
├── file1.jpg
├── file2.jpg
├── file3.jpg
├── previews
│   ├── file1.jpg
│   ├── file2.jpg
│   └── file3.jpg
└── thumbs    
    ├── file1.jpg
    ├── file2.jpg
    └── file3.jpg
If your photo directory does not have thumbs or previews, EPG will host the images in the base directory, without displaying thumbnails.
If you would like to generate thumbs and previews automatically, use epg-prep:


epg-prep is a mutithreaded command-line helper utility which automatically generates image previews and thumbnails from a directory of jpg images. The previews and thumbnails are stored in previews and thumbs subdirectories, respectively.
Note: epg-prep must be installed globally.
npm install -g epg-prep
epg-prep path_to_photos
Using epg-prep to generate thumbs and previews subdirectories is especially useful if you have a directory of large photos from a digital camera.

GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick

epg-prep depends on ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick, so make sure they are installed on your system and properly set up in your PATH.
apt-get install imagemagick
apt-get install graphicsmagick

Mac OS X (using Homebrew):
brew install imagemagick
brew install graphicsmagick

Confirm that ImageMagick is properly set up by executing convert -help in a terminal.


  • Add support for more file types
  • Add ability to add prefix to files in previews and thumbs
  • Tests for erg-prep
  • Add feature to randomize photo order on each load