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Implementation of RBAC module tuned to be fast
Main rules:
  • No RegEx
  • O(1) time complexity for checking rules
  • Wildcard and inherited rules caching
  • No foolproof checks (use docs, jsdoc, types and implement those checks on your side if necessary)
  • Zero dependency


- ToC - Installation - Features and requirements
- [Browser support](#browser-support)
- [Benchmark results](#benchmark-results)
- Usage - ToDo List - Docs - Changelog - Repos info - See also - License


npm i fast-rbac --save

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Features and requirements

  • Wildcard rules support
  • Inheritance support
  • Typescript support
  • Prebuilt browser amd and system modules
  • It's fast

  • Node.js >=8.0.0.

Browser support

For using this lib in browser it provides three options:
  • AMD-style: dist/browser/rbac.bundle.amd.js
  • System-style: dist/browser/rbac.bundle.amd.js
  • ES6: dist/browser/index.js (module property is set for using with rollup and webpack)
  • IIFE: dist/browser/rbac.bundle.js and dist/browser/rbac.bundle.min.js (not tested, it may not work properly)

Benchmark results

So how fast is it? Here are results from simple benchmark with 3 roles.
@rbac/rbac x 46,003 ops/sec ±0.48% (87 runs sampled)
rbac:no_wildcard_support x 95,564 ops/sec ±1.55% (84 runs sampled)
easy-rbac x 45,884 ops/sec ±0.74% (89 runs sampled)
fast-rbac x 1,516,366 ops/sec ±0.38% (97 runs sampled)
fast-rbac:defer x 1,037,149 ops/sec ±0.71% (86 runs sampled)

Benchmark code is available in benchmark directory.
For more details refer to benchmark doc.
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NOTE : No cyclic roles inheritance. You've been warned.
can method returns boolean if 3 arguments are passed to it. It could return Promise if rule has when function and context is passed. Even if your when function doesn't consume any arguments you need to pass context (e.g. null or {}) in order to execute it. Whithout context the function when will be not executed and can will return true.
import RBAC from 'fast-rbac';
// or
// const {RBAC} = require('fast-rbac');
// or
// const RBAC = require('fast-rbac').default;

const a = new RBAC({
  roles: {
    user: { can: ['cat:create', 'dog:*', { name: 'foo', operation: 'read' }] },
    prouser: { can: ['cat:update'], inherits: ['user', 'reader'] },
    admin: { can: ['*'] },
    reader: { can: ['*:read'], inherits: ['anon'] },
    anon: {
      can: [
          name: '*:read',
          when: (ctx) => {
            const result: Promise<boolean> = new Promise((resolve) => {
              resolve(ctx.color === 'red');
            return result;

console.log(a.can('user', 'dog', 'read')); // true

(async () => {
  console.log(await a.can('anon', 'cat', 'read', { color: 'red' })); // true

a.add('someone', 'something', 'read');
console.log(a.can('someone', 'something', 'read')); // true
console.log(a.can('someone', 'something', 'write')); // false
a.remove('someone', 'something', 'read');
console.log(a.can('someone', 'something', 'read')); // false

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ToDo List

PRs welcome!
  • x Add/delete roles in runtime
  • x Add some unit tests
  • Add possibility to add/delete roles inherits
  • Deal with circular role inheritance (but I'm totally ok with callstack error)


See docs.
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See changelog.
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Repos info

  • Main - preferred place for issues and PRs
  • Mirror - only PRs accepted

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See also

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Licensed under MIT.
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