Utility to specify pre-package directives to allow automatic code stripping

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To use this utility use the following command:
npm install file-directives -g
What this utility allows you to do is to auto comment code based on enviroment variable. Following is a common scenario where this is helpful:
//#if [DEV_MODE]
  int bufferSize = 0;

  //int bufferSize = 4096;
Here DEVMODE and RELEASEMODE are environment variables. Before running your bundler or deployer just go to the relevant directory and run:
file-directives RELEASE_MODE node_modules
This will automatically uncomment relevant code and comment the irrelevant one. Following is the syntax:
file-directives comma-separated-env-vars comma-separated-folder-to-ignore
Also, you need to enclose env vars in while you use them in code. Following is the directive syntax:
//#if [ENV1] || [ENV2] || [ENV3]

.... relevant code

Note: Else is not supported :)