An extension for the fs module.

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Fileio is a promise-based extension to the standard fs module, it adds two main objects, for storing file and directory references. The library also contains wrappers for all, callback-based, asynchronous functions in the fs module. Documentation can be found at


Run this command in your prefered terminal emulator. ``` npm install --save fileio ```

Basic Promise-based io

All asynchronous callback-based functions, in the fs module, have been given a coresponding wrapper function, which is suffixed with
"-Async", so instead of ``fs.readFile` you would use `fs.readFileAsync``. The modified fs module, can be accessed at fs export key: ``const {fs} = require('fileio');``

File objects

You can store references to files using the
File object. Note: not all the standard file manipulation functions are available, for File objects. Yet. ```javascript const {File} = require('fileio'); const file = new File('/Path/to/file/textfile.txt'); true ) // If set to true, the data will be saved in File#cache
.then( data => { /* Do something with the data */ } )
.catch( err => console.log(err) );
file.write('data to be written', false /
<- if set to true the data will also be saved in the cache /)
.then( self => { /* do something */ })
.catch( err => console.log(err) );


The directory object allows you to easily read and write files, and directories, relative to the objects path.
Note: not all the standard directory manipulation functions are available, for Directory objects. Yet. ```javascript const {Directory} = require('fileio'); const dir1 = new Directory('./dir1'); let dir2; Directory.make('./dir2')
.then( main ).catch( err => console.log(err) );
function main( directoryObject ) {
let file1, file2;
dir2 = directoryObject;
dir1.readFile('/relative/path/to/file') // The files content is automatically put into File#char
.then( fileObject => file1 = fileObject ).catch( err => console.log(err) );
dir2.writeFile('/relative/path', false /* whether to cache or not */)
.then( fileObject => file2 = fileObject ).catch( err => console.log(err) );
} ```


  • 2.2.0
* Added fromCache option on file read allowing reading from cache, instead of fs.
* Added resetTimer option for specifying, if the timer should contiue or start over on the next read/write/...
* Multiple bug fixes.
  • 2.1.0
* Added Directory#getFileReference
  • 2.0.0
* __BREAKING__: Changed Directory#readFile to resolve to an array - [file, data].
* Added support for default options on all File operations.
* Added option inheritance from directories to files.
* Added cache expiration.