Filter React & DOM props.

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⚛️✔️ filter-react-props

Filter allowed React & DOM props to avoid warnings and unnecessary attributes in HTML output. It's only 1.3 kB (gziped UMD version, it's even less when you uglify ES Modules verision).


yarn ``` yarn add filter-react-props ``` npm ``` npm install --save filter-react-props ``` cdn ``` ```


```jsx import filterReactProps from 'filter-react-props' or const filterReactProps = require('filter-react-props') or const { default: filterProps } = filterReactProps ```

Use case

Consider this style component: ```jsx const Button = props => ( style={{ color: props.color }}
/> ) My Button ``` Button will render with unnecessary color attribute. ```html My Button ``` It can be avoided by destructuring props object: ```jsx const Button = ({ color, ...props }) => ( style={{ color }}
{...props} // Props without color
/> ) ``` But you can't apply this solution when you don't know what props will be passed. This is use case for this package: ```jsx import filterReactProps from 'filter-react-props' const Button = props => ( style={getStylesFromProps(props)}
/> ) My Button ```

Full API

```js import // Get new object with allowd React & DOM props. filterReactProps, { // Array of allowed React & DOM props. // List borrowed from react-emotion package. allowedProps, // Regular expression for checkig if given string // is allowed React or DOM prop. // Necessary for checking data- and aria- attributes. allowedPropsRegExp, // Check if given prop is allowed React or DOM prop. isPropAllowed } from 'filter-react-props' ```

Package versions

Package comes in three versions:
  • UMD - transpiled, bundled, minified (main field in package.json) - for use in browser or CommonJS.
  • ES Modules - transpiled ES Modules (module field in package.json) - for tree shaking.
  • ES Next - untranspiled ES Modules (exnext field in package.json) - read why.

Used in

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