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Icons8 Flat Color Icons
For High-Class Bitches
You must be spoiled by expensive gifts and won't be impressed. Stop reading.
For the Rest of Us
Now that we are alone, let us give you something: 312 free icons for personal and commercial use. No credits required.
But hey, don't get spoiled too quickly. Next time, when we present you with a Tiffany ring, at least pretend you're impressed!
Preview of Flat Icons from Icons8
There is available a live preview of the icon set.

Good Boy License

We’ve released the icon pack either under MIT or the Good Boy License. We invented it. Please do whatever your mom would approve of:
  • Download
  • Change
  • Fork

No tattoos!

More Color Icons

These 317 icons are the part of a bigger pack available for a fee: https://icons8.com/color-icons (4500 icons as of February 2017).


Installing Icons8 flat color icons

You can install this package locally either with npm, bower, or jspm.


npm install flat-color-icons


bower install flat-color-icons

Questions or Ideas?

If you have any questions or ideas about icons, please feel free to contact us any way you'd prefer